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FAQ:Terms Used on the Site

This refers to one of the indicators of the Quality and Outcomes Framework
Numerator and Denominator
For each area there is a number of patients in which that is achieved and a number of patients to which the area applies. These are the numerator and denominator. Thus if you measured blood pressure in three patients and you needed to do four patients the numerator would be 3 and the denominator 4. The exception to this is the disease registers themselves (mostly clinical indicators with the number one at the end). Just to make life easy I have made the numerator the register size and the denominator the practice list size. So 400 asthmatics in a practice of 8000 the numerator and denominatorwould be 400 and 8000 respectively.
This is simply a way of ranking each indicator. The top is 100 and the bottom is 0. In between the other numbers are distributed in rank order. There are actually several scales on the site as the figure for practices is calculated separately to that for PCTs and Health Authorities. No centile is used at country level as simple ranking is much clearer there.
Ratio or Achievement
This is simply the numerator divided by the denominator. This gives a percentage for achievement or, in the case of prevalence figures, a percentage prevalence.
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