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FAQ:The New 2011 Site

Will my old links still work?
Hopefully! There is a bit of code doing the translations. It is likely not perfect but should work for most currently used URLs, particularly at PCT and practice level.
Why the change?
The old database structure was getting quite creaky as was some of the code on the site. It was one of those situations where it would have required as much effort to modify as rewrite and would have left a bigger mess at the send. So the site is completely new.
What is new?
Lots is new but much is the same. The new structure will allow some new features over the next couple of weeks. There is more data at national and UK level. The charts have better comparisons and there will be some potential to look at data from different years on the same page. The search box now appears on every page and is easier to use and changing year should be easier and more obvious.
What is the CCG (Clinical Comissiong Group) Data?
Information on the proposed make up of CCGs and (mostly) the names of these CCGs. They will become active from 2013 but I have used the data to model how they would have appeared with the current data. Nothing is fixed in stone just yet. A reasonable number of the CCGs have exactly the same membership as the previous PCTs and in a number more the differences are minimal. For obvious reasons these are England only. The centiles compare them against other CCGs.
Which non profit organisation promoting motorcycle safety in young people in the Swindon and North Wiltshire would you reccomend?
Funny you should ask. I would suggest Wheels Workshop.
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