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FAQ:The Data

How is the data collected?
For the most part the clinical data has been collected automatically from practices by software interrogating the practice computer. This is MSD Contract Manager in Wales and Northern Ireland and QMAS in Scotland and England.
What is the data updated?
The data is uploaded to QMAS or contract manager on a monthly basis. Only the data at the end of March counts and so it is only this data that is published. Other data is difficult to interpret as practices will base their efforts around that date. Only at this time will all practices be on an equal footing. The data is generally released around the end of September or October and I try to get it onto the site as quickly as possible after that.
What happens after collection?
The data was collected and used for payment of practices. It was published on spreadsheets separately for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some data is suppressed where the numbers are low in order to preserve patient confidentiality. This data is the basis of this site as I extracted the data from the spreadsheets to feed into the database.
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