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What is the API?
The API is a way for other computers to use the site. The format is given below. Information is returned as a JSON formatted string. Please email me if there is anything else that would be useful - it would be better for both of us if you did not need to produce some convoluted way of using the request below!
Getting the data.
The main data is availabale via http://www.gpcontract.co.uk/api/data/[organisation code]/[year](?filter=[Area]) This is very similar to url format of the organisational pages already. By default this will give you all the indicators, currently numerator and denominator only for that organisation. The filter option allow you get just a subset of the data. Possible values are: There is no error checking - you will simply get no results
Disease areas
To get the disease areas you can call http://www.gpcontract.co.uk/api/areas This will be all disease areas. These are not specific to a particular year. These can all be used with the "data" call listed above.
Get indicators
Similar to the areas call is this call which gets details on indicators. This will include the full description although not the thresholds or number of points (the database is not really very reliable on these) http://www.gpcontract.co.uk/api/indicator/[search string] The search string is optional. Without it you will get over 200 indicators. The search is on a "starts with" basis. A search string of "BP" will get all of the hypertension indicators whilst "BP 1" will get just that single indicator. A little issue here is that with indicators in the double digits searching for "DM 1" will get you DM 1 but also DM 10-19.
Child organisations
The database runs as a heirarchy. To get the children on a particular organisation use http://www.gpcontract.co.uk/api/children/[organisation code]/[year (one or two digits)] Names and addresses are included as a convenience. Currently newlines in the address are represented by '#' which is a slightly eccentric decidsion on my part.
If you want to see how an organisation has achieved against an indicator over the years then use the timeline. Where there have been minor changes the system will return the equivalent indicator for each year. This is a subjective judgement by me. http://www.gpcontract.co.uk/api/timeline/[orgcode]/[indicator]
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