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FAQ:About the Site

Who are you?
My name is Gavin Jamie and I am a GP in Swindon. I am also studying for an MSc in Healthcare Informatics with the University of Bath. I run the site in my spare time. Hosting is remarkably cheap these days for a site of this size so I have not had to seek outside support directly. Yet. I also write about QOF monthly in GP Business magazine and occasional for other publications.
Why are you doing this?
Mainly because I find this information interesting and useful. Seeing how prevalences change across the country and possible factors involved in achievement is interesting. I am much less interested in points, cash or league tables so these do not feature. Such is the luxury of having your own web site!
Can I link to you?
Please do. All the data for the pages is in the URL so you can link directly to your own practice or PCT. I will not change those links. I have no advertising to see so do not insist on visitors being sent to the 'front' page. The pages now have a new URL but I have made some efforts to make sure that the old ones work as well. There is no time limit to this although updating links is probably a good thing in the long term.
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